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Act of faith


Writer: Ximo Soler Navarro

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The world is a darker place than what we could perceive from our well-lit cities, and Lucas knows this better than anybody else. This sombre character has travelled to all corners of the world hunting the results of the humanity's bad actions: the demons. However, suddenly, his life will take an unexpected turn when media announces that in Jerusalem an Arabic boy is considered the new Messiah. Will it be true that he is the God's second son, who has come to redeem again our sins? For a long time, the human being has looked up to the sky and has asked God to save us and to forgive us for our human sins. That divine mercy has been always directly related with the image of Jesus Christ, but is the world ready for the arrival of a new saviour? Are the western religions, authentic trade companies of faith, ready? Or maybe they fear that the new Messiah expels again the merchants from the temple?

The hunter will be involved in a dangerous battle in which his enemies will not be just the inhabitants of the Avern. He will also have to defend himself against the fanatic components of an ancient Christian organisation of warriors, who vowed to fight against the Lucifer's army. However, the current corruption in the Vatican curia will turn them into even more dangerous enemies than the angels of night, to which he is used to fight. Now, only God will be able to recognise his own people.

Título Act of faith
Autor Ximo Soler Navarro
Ilustrador Alberto Soler Penádes
Páginas 188
Idioma Inglés
Sello editorial Ediciones JavIsa23
Diseño de portada Gustavo Raga Pascual (Gabo)
Ediciones disponibles en papel Edición Rústica
ISBN, precio y tamaño de la edición rústica ISBN: 978-84-940915-7-5 / PVP: 12,00 € / Tamaño: 15x21cm

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Act of faith

Act of faith

Writer: Ximo Soler Navarro

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